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News Management.
2019-09-25 One of our latest paper was accepted by sustainability.
2019-07-15 A new MOST project was grantted and I will devote to the medical image object detection by deep learning algorithms.
2018-12-31 A paper was accepted by IJERPH.
2018-08-01 A new MOST medical image research project is granted
2017-10-11 A Taiwan invention patent is granted.
2017-07-11 I receive a research project from MOST.
2017-07-11 An important Tawainese patent is granted.
2016-12-09 I receive the first US patent!
2016-07-11 My MOST 216 project is grantted.
2016-06-23 My title is changed.
2016-03-23 A recoomendation system paper is accepted by JIIS.
2016-03-02 My second patent is approved on 3/1.
2016-02-22 The TW patent is online now.
2015-12-02 After two years review, my first Taiwan invention patent is grantted!
2015-10-02 My first paper of Soft Computing is in-press now.