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News Management.
2015-06-10 My h-index is 16 now according to Google Scholar.
2015-04-25 I am serving as a publicity chair of BICT 2015 in New York.
2014-11-07 I will join BICT 2014 in Boston during 12/1 to 12/3.
2014-08-30 A good responsive template (
2014-08-10 I am going to join the 2014 TPE International Invention Show & Technomart.
2014-07-01 My new book is going to be released soon.
2014-05-12 I apply a new domain which hosts a platform I invent, say happycoding.
2014-04-12 One of the previous published book is going to be revised completely. Please stay tune.
2014-03-02 Prof. Mani will visit Taiwan again in the end of the May. Thank NSC's support.
2014-02-10 The other phone extension of mine is 8270 due to I go to manage the system development group since this semester.
2013-12-23 A latest proposed algorithm ACGA2 is finally accepted by ASC.
2013-12-16 We are going to be in the end of this semester. Students may work hard to pass the final exams.
2013-10-09 I already teach at Dept of MIS, CSU since 8/1.
2013-07-08 I receive a new NSC project entitled "Excellent and Young Researcher Project" for two years. I welcome the researchers and students to work with me in the following two years.
2013-05-03 HTML 2013 Personal Webpage form